Saska Kępa

In recent ages Saska Kępa used to be an island surrounded by basins of Wisła river. It was well known for being a wild picnic camp of Polish kings from Sas dynasty. It’s name means “The island of Sas”. Nowadays the main river bed flows at the west of the island and Saska Kępa is bordered by wild riverside, but old basins surrounding it from North, East and South dried up. Luckily the place is almost entirely surrounded by greenery: Skaryszewski Park with remains of the old swamps and channels and by family gardens (a small channel is bordering old island from the gardens). In twenties of the last century Saska Kępa took its contemporary shape: green willa district packed with restaurants, cafes and embassies. The modernistic architecture makes the pace similar to Tel Awiw (and actually many architects worked in both places). Up to now is known to be the district of the artists. Many small workshops can be found around the palce. Today You cannot sail a boat around Saska Kępa, but inhabitants are frequently reminded of the watery past of the place; when the spring rains are heavy floods and landslides are occurring. Well… if one wants to live close to the wilderness, he has to take a risk!

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