Art and Design

We love art and our dogs are very found of theatre, where they spend a big part of their life. They enjoy watching the play, but they always try to get involved in action. Sometimes only vocally, but often they try to go on stage uninvited. Sometimes they are modeling in art projects and in fashion project. Here is a bit of their life in art.

Dharma, Ralph and Marcel Proust

Dharma and Ralph took part in the project “Practices in reading” – virtual magazine with essays, interviews and short film impressions about third part “A la recherche du temps perdus”. The magazine (in polish) is available free in the link below and here are some pictures. Pictures and films were made by Paweł Czarnecki.

Apelu – Molly and pupps as fashion models

Irish Terries in my sisters fashion butique project: handmade woollen clothes from italian craftswoman. My dogs love wool so when photos are taken they are in woolheaven.


During rehersal, in wardrobes, on audience, and trying to mimic a part of decoration. If You wish to get more info about my theatre work, see the link below.

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